September 17, 2019

Guelph/Rockwood Revive Pieces

A “Revive” item can be found it each of our tour homes available for blind bidding! Don’t forget to watch for these special pieces in each of our homes, they could soon be on display in your home…

96 Kathleen Street, Guelph

Artwork in old frames are a dime a dozen when you go into the second hand shops. What once had a place of honour in a home’s décor is not outdated and no longer wanted. But how about as a “Revived” chalkboard for Fall?  Now that has possibilities…

Old Artwork in frame

104 Dallan Drive, Guelph

Old Kitchen cabinets often end up as storage in our basements or garages but how about “reviving” an old kitchen cabinet door to become a serving tray? Add some antique sterling silver spoon handles and you are ready for entertaining…


Old Kitchen cabinet door            Revived Cabinet door serving tray

104 Summit Ridge Drive, Guelph

Old table legs, not much use or, are they? How lovely is this unique, one-of-a-kind candle holder to make a décor statement in your home! Rustic Refind can take something old and make it into something beautiful for your home!


Old Antique Table Leg             Elegant, statement candle holder

80 Yorkshire Street N, Guelph

Grannies old plates and saucers, almost every china cabinet has some. What if they were repurposed into a one-of-a-kind wreath for your home?


Collection of old, antique plates                   Special, one-of-a-kind wreath for your home

5487 3rd Line, Rockwood

Old wooden pallets can transform into a multitude of creative projects. How about Welcoming Fall into your home with this Wood Pallet Pumpkin wall hanging?


Old Wooden Pallet                    Pallet Pumpkin wall hanging

114 Fall Street N, Rockwood

Old windows, drafty, cold and not practical. But how about some inspiration on an old window as we welcome in the start of a new season! Inspiration by Creations by Karga


Old Antique Window               Revived with Inspirational Quote